BID4 was successful in the March 2023 ballot meaning 5 more years of Halton BID across both Astmoor and Halebank.

The business improvement districts have been in place since 2008 and continue to develop and strengthen the estates. As a BID Business you have access to numerous services and support.

All services provided by Halton BID to BID businesses are listed below, and in the Services tab above. If you want to discuss any BID related activity and find out how we can help you and your business please get in touch with us by calling 0333 358 3573 or emailing You can also reach us through our Contact tab above. 

So far in BID4...

Hours recorded of CCTV/ANPR

Mobile Patrols completed

Candidates booked for training

*stats as of 20th December 2023.

Electron TS Ltd.

“The support and services provided to help small businesses is amazing. The BID team go above and beyond. We are big supporters.”

HR Manager, Michelle Davies.

Boka Bolts Ltd.

“Very happy overall, currently good value for money. The security and training are really useful.”

General Manager, Richard Garton.

James Troop & CO, Ltd.

“As a company we value the BID and the services it provides. It enhances our company through the services and support. We are very much in support of a new BID.”

Managing Director (Operations), Robert Pollock


Managing Director (Financial), Derek Bate

Mersey Vent Ltd.

“The BID Team are always helpful and approachable. A good range of support services are provided which assists the running of our business.”

Director, Vicky Bennett

Global Connect Ltd.

“The team genuinely care for the local businesses within the region and go out of their way to help and support every single time.

Without them the area would not be as good as it is, furthermore they create a community feeling and togetherness.

We benefit from their encouragement of staff development and our team engages in many of the training courses which are freely available.”

Sure Safe Electrics (Widnes) Ltd.

“From initially being sceptical about the BID, the way the team have engaged with us, we are now big supporters of Halton BID.”


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What is a BID and Why do they Work?

A BID is a geographically defined area where all businesses contained within that area get together and agree to pay into a collective pot to fund additional services that they feel will benefit themselves and their local business community for the next five years. Each business pays according to its rateable value. All the money that is collected buys the extras that, by common agreement, the businesses want to have. This process is controlled by the businesses themselves.

BIDs are all about businesses working together to take control of their trading environment and to collectively address the issues that affect them. It’s important to remember that BIDs don’t fund or replace services that are provided by public agencies, such as the Council or the Police. In fact, through a collective voice for business BIDs seek to work in partnership for the benefit for all.

Our Key Themes for BID4

A Safe Estate

Since the creation of the BID in 2008 there has been a tangible and quantitative reduction in crime rates across both the Astmoor and Halebank estates. Security and safety has always been a key priority and BID security services will continue to be maintained and developed in BID4.


  • Estate wide HD CCTV & ANPR systems
  • 24/7 alarm response and keyholding for all businesses
  • Targeted security patrols
  • SelectaMarkDNA forensic property marking kits (with warning signage and stickers)
  • Security Light provision
  • Close partnership with local PCSOs & Cheshire Police
  • Free secure document shredding
  • Publicly Accessible Defibrillators & Bleed Kits

A Welcoming Estate

Through Halton BID’s initiatives and ongoing maintenance both the image of the Halebank estate and Astmoor estate has transformed. Image enhancement has led to an attractive, clean, tidy, and well maintained estate that enhances company image and is appreciated by customers, employees, and suppliers.


  • Updated & Improved signage across the estate
  • Litter picks & prompt fly tipping removal
  • Tree felling when required to prevent injury & property damage
  • Swift clearance of drains to prevent flooding
  • Removal of overgrown, obstructive shrubs on unadopted land
  • Targeted grass cutting and weed removal on private, non-council land
  • Help sourcing suppliers and co-ordinating image enhancing initiatives including discounted waste removal
  • Installation of planters and plants where appropriate

An Engaged and Informed Estate

In BID4 we believe it incredibly important to make sure that every business is not only better connected to each other but also to the BID itself. Each estate has their own Operating Group which all BID businesses have the opportunity to be a member of and elect. Over the course of BID3 there have 161 events available to all BID businesses.


  • A dedicated BID Team to provide a single point of contact for BID businesses, contractors, and stakeholders
  • Access to member services including indemnified 24/7 advice on HR, Health and Safety, Tax and Legal issues
  • Effective partnership through regular meetings/liaison with Halton Borough Council and local stakeholders
  • Monthly newsletter distribution to all BID businesses
  • 1sttuesday breakfast events
  • Annual BID Business of the Year Award at the Halton Business Awards
  • Free, blanket membership to Halton Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise
  • Regularly updated web presence on this website and Twitter

 An Educated and Experienced Estate

The provision of training courses is one of the most used and appreciated services by BID companies. During BID3 212 successful training programmes were delivered in a range of topics. Businesses also have access to a 24/7 online training portal. 80% of survey respondents stated that they made used of BID training courses.

Courses include but are not limited to: 

  • Forklift Truck (FLT)
  • Fire Safety and Warden
  • Import and Export documentation
  • Manual Handling
  • Excel (Levels 2 & 3)
  • PAT testing

What benefits does Halton BID bring?

Halton BID has been in operation for fifteen years and has delivered a great amount of service to the Astmoor and Halebank estate:

  • Raised the profile of the area,
  • Reduced levels of crime,
  • Increased occupancy of commercial properties,
  • Reduced individual business costs through joint projects,
  • Made physical improvements to the area,
  • Provided businesses with a powerful, united voice on key issues,
  • Built local pride in the industrial area,
  • Enabled businesses to be involved in worthwhile community projects,
  • Created a more pleasant environment for employees and customers.


21 HD CCTV cameras and 4 ANPR cameras cover the Halebank estate and 26 HD CCTV cameras and 11 ANPR cameras cover the Astmoor estate.

The system has inbuilt extra capacity for future expansion and also includes privacy zones for cameras close to residental areas.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

All our residents have the benefit of an effective key holding and alarm response from our Security Team.

This vital service is free to all BID businesses and can allow you and your colleagues to rest easy that your business place is secure.

SelectaMark DNA Kits

SelectaDNA is a unique theft deterrent which helps to recover property. Used in conjunction with the warning and window stickers supplied, the marking system deters thieves from stealing from your work place.

It is virtually impossible to remove every trace of SelectaDNA and each trace links criminals to the crimes they commit.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile patrols are fully uniformed and SIA accredited officers patrolling in marked vehicles with state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems.

These let businesses and their owners rest knowing that there is a security presence on the estate. Ad hoc patrols are also implemented and Bank Holidays are also covered.

Security Lights

Security lights are an effective deterrent to thieves and other trouble makers. 

By providing a great level of illumination security lights allow for clear identification of persons and objects which creates a psychological deterrent to criminal activity in the area being protected.

Publicly Accessible Defibrillators

Defibrillators are life saving devices and we are ecstatic to be able to have these devices installed and maintained across both Halton estates. Bleed kits are also included.

Click below to find your nearest Defibrillator and the training available.

Winter Salt Store

Salt is essential during winter to keep roads clear from ice and allow deliveries to reach our residents. 

Salt stores were very much appreciated in the snow storm in late 2022.

Secure Shredding

The disposal of documents can be a pain and an unwanted extra cost to all businesses. To help combat this pain we provide free and secure document shredding.

Updated and Enhanced Signage

Keeping with our theme of ‘Image Enhancement’ we are always looking at ways to improve the look of the estate. One way we have enhanced the image of the estates is with enhanced signage.

Targeted Grass Cutting

Green space maintenance is a theme that the BID manager is very vigilant of.

We enact targeted grass cutting and weed removal on private, non-council land.

Tree Felling

Tree felling when required to prevent damage to buildings and possible injury to people.

In addition to helping make the estates much safer tree felling also improves the image of the estates’ green spaces. 

Additional Signage & Illegal Signage Removal

Additional signage when permitted or required has been installed across both estates. Recently flags have been installed across the estates.

We will also remove illegal signage when required. 

Litter Picks & Fly Tipping Response

 Having a clean estate that you can be proud of is our aim and we strive to achieve this aim through our targeted litter picks and fly tipping removal response.  

Jet Washing

We want to make sure the estates are clean and have made use of jet washing to help further enhance the cleanliness of the estates.

Get in touch if you have a request for an area to be jet washed.


Free Chamber Membership

This valuable membership is provided to all BID businesses in Halton at no extra charge. As a Chamber Member your business will benefit from a range of services, cost-saving initiatives, information and networking events. 

24/7 Advice Lines

All BID businesses have free Chamber of Commerce membership, included in this membership is Chamber Protect which is a 24/7 advice line which provides indemnified advice for the issues or concerns which you may face. 

In addition to the advice lines you also receive insurance coverage and access to a massive document library. 

Halton BID Newsletter

Every month we put out a newsletter to keep you up to date on new happenings on the BID area. If you are interested in receiving the BID newsletter you can click the below link to sign up. 

Networking Events

Halton BID provides a variety of network opportunities for businesses to meet and do business with one another.

The regular networking event, ‘1stuesday’, runs the first Tuesday of every month and is free to all BID businesses. 1stuesday is open to all businesses so these events are brilliant to network with businesses on and off the estates. 

Dedicated BID Team

The BID team are dedicated to listening, working with, and delivering services to BID businesses of all sizes and industries across both Astmoor and Halebank estates.  

Forklift (FLT)

Catering to all Forklift needs we provide 5 day Novice courses for that first Forklift accreditation. We also provide Forklift refresher courses to ensure that your workers are at the highest competence and that safety standards are kept high. 

Excel & Digital Skills

Our Excel courses are highly used by BID businesses. The Excel training will take you through your Excel journey from Level 1 to Level 2 and Level 3. Effectively using Excel can be a brilliant resource for your business.

In addition to Excel we also run other digital skill courses – such as our GDPR compliance course.

Fire Safety and First Aid

First Aid and Fire Safety skills are highly sought after and to cater to your needs we run Fire Warden courses and Emergency First Aid courses. 

PAT Testing

To ensure that the electrical equipment at your workplace is safe and ready for use we offer a one day accredited PAT Testing course. Successful candidates will come out of the course with the a certificate and the ability to test your workplace’s electrical equipment for safety.

And Many More

We are always updating and adding new courses so please check out what is on offer and make the most of your training.