Halton Business Improvement Districts

BIDs are all about businesses working together to take control of their trading environment and to collectively address the issues that affect them.

Halebank Business Park

The projects within the Halebank BID are based on the ideas put forward by the business owners and landowners on the estate.  These include improving the  working environment by keeping crime levels low, securing and protecting properties, upskilling staff and increasing
trading opportunities.

Astmoor Industrial Estate

The first ten years of the Halton BID has seen a range of successfully delivered  initiatives, projects and services to aid businesses on Astmoor Industrial Estate.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure has always
been a key theme of the Halton BID

Image Enhancement

An attractive, clean, tidy and well maintained estate enhances the image of our BID companies

Better Connected

A stronger voice to lobby on behalf of businesses and champion them to other companies and organisations


FREE BID training courses offer outstanding value and real relevance to BID businesses.

What is a BID?

Over the past fifteen years Halton BID has been working well to achieve success for the businesses on Astmoor Industrial Estate and Halebank Business Park. A BID is a geographically defined area where all of the businesses get together and agree to pay into a collective pot to fund additional services that they feel will benefit themselves and their local business community for the next five years.

Each business pays according to its rateable value. All the money that is collected buys the extras that, by common agreement, the businesses want to have. This process is controlled by the businesses themselves.

BID Renewal 2023

With the current Halebank & Astmoor BID term due for renewal at the end March 2023 there will be a BID ballot 3rd February to 2nd March 2023, and we would appreciate your involvement and support.
We have achieved a lot together over the past fifteen years and a lot has changed for the better as a result. We’ve got more skilled employees, better high-definition CCTV/ANPR security, less crime, fewer empty units and a cleaner, more cared for estate.


We would encourage all businesses, small or large, to get involved and reap the benefits of working together to make Astmoor a better and more prosperous estate.

Derek Bate and Robert Pollock

Joint Managing Directors, James Troop

We are pleased to back the BID and see this as a positive step forwards for local businesses, which can only enhance business regeneration within the area and the positives associated with this.

Jean-Pierre Naylor

Managing Director, Computer Disposals Ltd

I believe that the programme of projects that the BID is set to deliver will have a positive effect and I look forward to them coming to fruition in the months ahead.

David Halton

Managing Director, Acer Engineering

Since I first moved onto the estate more than 5 years ago I have found the BID extremely beneficial to my business.  I can see the initiatives that have been put in place solely as a result of having a dedicated BID Manager and support network.

Neil Hawkins

Proprietor, Cheshire Fillers

We all want to feel safe and secure, attract and retain the best employees, and work in an environment that looks cared for and that allows us to grow.  Halton BID delivers that in Halebank.

Dave Farrell

MD, Hough Green Garage

Since the inception of the BID, I have been a supporter.  It is easy to forget the challenges we faced before. But since it began I have seen the overall appearance of the estate improve, the crime rate reduce and my staff gain extra training.

Vince Froggatt

Manager Director, Midas Engineering

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