Where were you between 1973-1996? Maybe you weren’t even born or just maybe you were working on either Astmoor or Halebank Industrial Estate back then?

We all know how fast the hours, days, weeks, months and years pass us by and for many of us it probably feels like yesterday that we were that fresh faced, keen to learn youngster starting out on our careers. It’s surprising how things change and it’s only when we look back we realise how the likes of fashion, technology, equipment and vehicles have change, (or gone full circle in the fashion world), however, it’s surprising how areas can change including both Astmoor and Halebank industrial estates.

Whilst recently contacting local photographers to obtain quotes, our BID Manager Jo Taylor was liaising with a retired photographer Billy Hyland who mentioned that he may have some old photos of both estates in his archives. Attempting to not get too excited about this, to avoid disappointment if it transpired that there weren’t any old photos after all and failing miserably, our BID Manager Jo was delighted when Billy sent over some photos found in his archive with his kind permission to share.

We’re excited to share the photos below and if anyone has any insight to anything or anyone on the photos, we would love to hear from you. If anyone has additional photos they wouldn’t mind sharing we would love to see them.

Copyright is AARON-PHOTO-ARCHIVE for all photographs. We would like to send a special thank you to Billy Hyland AARON-PHOTO-ARCHIVE for sharing these photos with us.