[Runcorn, Cheshire] — [September 1993] — This year marks a significant milestone for Aluline, a pioneer in grease trap technology and environmental sustainability, as the company celebrates its 30th anniversary. Founded three decades ago in Ashington, UK, Aluline has grown into a global leader with operations spanning the UAE, Portugal, and Ireland. Despite this international success, the company remains deeply committed to its UK roots, dedicating this landmark anniversary to the local staff and customers who have been instrumental in its journey.

Thirty Years of Expertise and Innovation

Over the years, Aluline has distinguished itself through relentless innovation and a commitment to sustainability. Utilizing renewable materials like stainless steel and advanced biotechnology, Aluline ensures effective oil waste disposal from the design phase through to installation and maintenance of grease trap systems. These efforts not only meet but often exceed regulatory standards, preventing harmful contaminants from entering the environment.

A Vision for the Future

Under the guidance of our founder Willie Clark, Aluline is expanding its vision to include the recycling and reuse of oil as sustainable fuel and fertilizers. “Removing oil and grease at the source is crucial,” Willie explains. “It prevents environmental damage and opens up possibilities for reusing these materials in eco-friendly ways.”

Regulatory Forefront and Customer Education

Aluline also leads the charge in compliance and customer education. With stringent regulations like the EN 18251 and 2 requiring grease traps in food establishments across Europe, and similar laws impending Worldwide, Aluline is at the forefront, ensuring businesses are equipped and informed. To this end, the company has launched the Aluline Starch and Peel Separator (StarchShield) and the Lint Guard Pro, innovative solutions tailored for kitchens and laundries respectively.

Community and Environmental Impact

As part of their 30th-anniversary celebrations, Aluline is dedicated to empowering not just businesses but individuals to make environmentally conscious decisions. Tips for home kitchen management, such as using sink guards and properly disposing of oils, are part of their broader initiative to educate and inspire community involvement in sustainability.

Join Us in Celebrating Three Decades of Innovation

Aluline invites everyone to participate in this significant milestone. For those interested in learning more about effective grease management and our latest innovations, please contact us for a free FOG audit and expert advice tailored to your needs.

Contact Information:

Phone: 01928 563532

Email: enquiry@alulinegroup.com

Website: www.alulinegreasetraps.com

We look forward to continuing to serve our communities and clients with the same integrity and innovation that have been our hallmark for the past 30 years.

About Aluline

Aluline is a leading provider of grease trap systems and environmental solutions, specializing in the design, installation, and maintenance of custom solutions that meet stringent environmental standards and help businesses operate more sustainably.

Phone:  01928 563532

Email:    enquiry@alulinegroup.com