Astmoor Industrial Estate has been identified by Halton Borough Council as one of eight regeneration impact areas across Halton. These are the places where the Mersey Gateway Bridge and the reconfigured road network will unlock land for new development opportunity and reposition the area for growth. To maximise the local economic benefits of the new crossing, the Council has produced a 10 year physical regeneration plan; the ‘Mersey Gateway Regeneration Plan Plus’.  This Plan seeks to build on the existing strengths and assets of the local area to continue the physical regeneration and transformation of Halton and further enhance our economic offer.

In December 2018, a consultant team led by town planners, urban designers, and architects from BDP was appointed to develop a 5 year Masterplan and Delivery Strategy for Astmoor Industrial Estate. BDP were supported by commercial property consultancy JLL, Curtins (highway engineers), and social value specialist’s EKOSGEN. The purpose of the Masterplan is to set out a cohesive package of development and investment opportunities, including hand back sites following the completion of the Bridge, and identify the key infrastructure and place-making projects the Council are looking to bring forward to support growth on Astmoor.

Following formal consultation from March to May 2019,  the final masterplan was to have been presented to stakeholders in April 2020. Due to the pandemic this had to be postponed to the end of June to allow businesses the time to focus on their livelihood and workforce.  Following re-engagement at the start of July 2020 that included a video presentation, a live phone in with HBC and consultants BDP, as well as ongoing discussions with the BID, the masterplan has now been finalised and we invite you to view both the completed document and the video at

The masterplan will be presented to the Council’s Executive Board on 17th September with a recommendation that it be adopted.

If you have any questions regarding the future of Astmoor, the handback land, or about the masterplan please forward to