In 2018, Halton Borough Council’s Halton Plus regeneration scheme identified Astmoor as one of eight key Regeneration Impact Areas within the Borough. The prominence and accessibility brought by the Mersey Gateway crossing could act as catalyst to create a modern business park environment to enable Astmoor to prosper, to meet existing business needs and create new employment development opportunities.

In addition, the construction of the Mersey Gateway Crossing, was made possible through the acquisition and clearance of a central area of Astmoor. Seven hectares of residual project land will now be handed back to the Council for new investment and development.

In November 2018 Halton Borough Council appointed consultants to bring forward a 5 year programme to regenerate Astmoor Industrial Estate. The regeneration will be guided by a single Masterplan and Delivery Strategy and incorporate the utilisation of approximately 7 hectares (17 acres) of the Mersey Gateway Project residual ‘hand back’ land.

 In view of the impact of the ongoing pandemic and the difficult circumstances that this is creating for all businesses, the Council has made some changes to the presentation and future formal adoption of the Astmoor masterplan, acknowledging that business owners, employees and landowners will currently be working tremendously hard to protect staff and livelihoods.

Hence, the Council has deferred any decision on the formal adoption of the Astmoor masterplan for at least 12 weeks, i.e. the end of June.

The Council was due to present the full masterplan to businesses at the BID Annual Review scheduled for April but social distancing means that all meetings, both BID and Council related, are now postponed.

In looking to find new ways of working and staying in touch, the masterplan consultants BDP are preparing a professional YouTube video with voice over so that when circumstances allow, we can share the details with you remotely and you can review the masterplan in your own time.  Again, this is not likely to happen before June.

In addition, if and when it is safe to do so, we would like to present the masterplan to businesses and landlords in person as planned so that you can make comment and ask questions. We will be welcoming comments and questions from when the video goes live.  Please note that there will be further consultation on individual elements of the masterplan as and when we are able to start phasing the work, and that the document is a guide that presents and brings together the aspirations for Astmoor.

In the meantime, we are continuing to work on certain elements of the masterplan, albeit from home, as well as diversifying to provide support to businesses during the coronavirus crisis. That support is both evolving and fast moving and the Council and partners are currently working hard to translate the Chancellor’s announcements into practical schemes that will get the support to all the businesses that need it as quickly as possible. Understandably, everyone is very much focused on protecting their businesses,   but if anyone requires further information or has any questions please contact