We pleased to inform you that ITS and AVANDDA have now completed the new pure fibre super-fast internet service throughout the Astmoor estate, which is now ready for direct connection into your building. This new fully managed service can replace all existing older, slower more expensive broadband connections.

More about the service

  • Minimum 100MB to 1000MB internet access speeds
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring support for peace of mind
  • Installed within 20 working days, subject to survey
  • Fully Managed Installation Process
  • Supports all VoIP and Cloud-Based Services

This pure fibre service is now available direct to your premises with monthly rental starting from as little as £60.00 per month, replacing any existing phone-line & broadband, or fibre leased line services.

In addition to the free installation offer, we can also provide a free trial of our smart working cloud-based home/office business telephone system.

To find out more, please call Wayne on 01928 249900 or visit ASTMOOR FASTER-BRITAIN PROJECT