Vision & Objectives:

“To transform Astmoor Industrial Estate; to create a modern, business park environment to enable it to prosper to meet existing business needs and create new employment development opportunities. Astmoor will provide an attractive and distinctive location within the Liverpool City Region where a strong business community will thrive.”

Why do we need a Masterplan?

Astmoor Industrial Estate is a major dedicated employment area, one of the largest in the Liverpool City Region, located to the northeast of Runcorn. It caters primarily for manufacturing and distribution businesses and currently provides in excess of 2.3 million square feet of business accommodation.  Over 7hectares of prime land is now available for development, in addition to opportunities to reconfigure and enhance existing accommodation on the estate. This has the underlying capacity to support the growth of existing businesses and attract new investment.

Why Now?

In October 2017, the six lane Mersey Gateway Bridge opened to traffic. The Mersey Gateway project has created a new strategic transport route linking the Liverpool city-region and the northwest to the rest of the UK. It crosses Astmoor Industrial Estate on elevated piers and was made possible through the acquisition and clearance of a central area of Astmoor, following the relocation of businesses.  The bridge has enhanced the prominence and connectivity of Astmoor and provides the catalyst for intervention. Astmoor is identified as one of eight regeneration ‘Impact Areas’ linked to the Mersey Gateway Project. These areas will be prioritised for investment and development in the Borough over the next ten to fifteen years.

Who will Deliver What?

Halton Borough Council, in partnership with the Astmoor BID and Halton Chamber of Commerce, is committed to the regeneration of Astmoor.  A consortium of consultants led by urban design and town planning specialists BDP was appointed in November 2018 to bring forward proposals that will see the estate greatly enhanced through remodelling of the estate road network, refurbishment of the poorer areas of the estate, along with new pedestrian pathways and cycle routes.  The completion of the Mersey Gateway will release 7ha of handback land later this year, ripe for investment and development

How Can I get Involved?

If you would like to know more about the Astmoor Regeneration Masterplan, our 3 Year Discretionary Business Rates Relief scheme available for new builds or refurbishments, or are just interested in the opportunities available, please email for more information.

You can also sign up for Masterplan news updates at the same email address.

Watch this space for further updates! The Masterplan is nearing completion and will be available for download.