BID4 Proposals/Business Plans

Your Halebank & Astmoor BID4 Proposals/Business Plans

The BID team are excited to share with you the BID4 Proposals/Business Plans for successor Business Improvement Districts on both Halebank & Astmoor Industrial Estates.  These plans have been developed with the help of you the business owners from across the estate. 

From the 3rd February 2023 you will be able to vote for the renewal of the Business Improvement Districts on Halebank & Astmoor. 

Only by voting “YES” can a significant programme of investment be delivered over the next 5 years (2023-28) to further improve the estates for the businesses and people that work there.

Digital brochures are available to download below and you should receive a printed copy, by post over the coming days.

    If you would like to discuss the BID4 proposal, the voting process or require any additional information, please contact a member of the BID team either by email on or call 0333 358 3573.


    As you will see, there are a number of requested projects costed for delivery with no increase to the current BID levy.  All levy payments have been fixed at the 2017 rates for the duration of BID4 and a vote “YES” for BID4 will retain:

    • A dedicated BID team providing a single point of contact for help and support
    • Estate wide 24/7, HD CCTV/ANPR to deter and disrupt criminal activity
    • An informed estate with free 24/7 access to Tax, Legal, HR and Health and Safety expertise
    • Close partnerships with stakeholders including local PCSOs and Cheshire Police
    • Access to quality, funded and subsidised training and skills development
    • A more cared for, connected and looked after estate