April marks the beginning of year two of BID4’s five-year term. The BID team is excited to continue the delivery of its services across both Halebank and Astmoor estates. Here are some states for the first year of BID4:

  • 370,000+ hours of CCTV – CCTV and ANPR cameras provide 24/7 surveillance coverage of both estates
  • 37 inter-trading referrals – promoting trade between BID businesses
  • 44 litter picks – going above and beyond what the Local Authority provides
  • 5 External Defibrillators & 10 Internal Defibrillators – inspection and renewal of batteries and pads
  • 11 secure shredding pickups – equalling 783 bags (7.83 tonnes of recycled paper)
  • 100% of Businesses received Halton BID communications – two way communication with 78% of Astmoor businesses and 92% with Halebank businesses
  • 88 Ad Hoc emails – providing urgent security updates, training offers, and news/events
  • 53 face to face training courses – 258 instances of upskilling across both estates.