BID 4 Draft Business Plans 

 Image Source: Parrot of Doom, CC BY-SA 4.0 / Cropped, Saturated and White Balanced

Throughout July, August and September of this year, the BID team carried out a consultation exercise based on the Astmoor and Halebank Industrial Estates. This process is to build on the achievements of previous BIDs.

Many of you took part in 1-2-1 meetings and an online questionnaire was circulated to every business as part of this formal consultation process. We have listened to your comments and suggestions and now have pleasure in sharing with you the attached draft Consultation Business Plan for BID4.

These documents outline YOUR key priorities for the next five years. It has been shaped through extensive consultation and seeks to address the issues and problems identified by local businesses.

We have also sought, through careful examination, to include initiatives that have worked elsewhere.

Please take time to read these Draft Business Plans as we are keen to ensure that it will deliver a fourth successful BID term, which will see both Astmoor and Halebank emerge as outstanding locations to do business.

BID4 Draft Business Plan Downloads

BID Business Plan Consultation Downloads

We hope to hear back from BID businesses about the Draft Business Plans for your estate. To make yourelf heard please download the approriate form below and after completing it send the completed form to