Estate Manager & BID Team 

The BID team are dedicated to listening, working with, and delivering services to BID businesses of all sizes and industries across both Astmoor and Halebank estates.

The BID Manager

Our BID Manager is responsible for looking after BID activities and the BID businesses. You can often find the BID manager on the estate interacting with BID businesses across both estates and working to fix any issues across the estate.

The BID Administrator

The BID Administrator assists the BID Manager with completing BID activities. The BID administrator keeps the website and training up to date. 

The BID Maintenance Caretaker

The BID Caretaker looks after the estate with general estate maintenance, green space maintenance, and is boots on the ground to help find out what work you would like completing on the estate. Currently, maintenance is outsourced to various local businesses.

To get in touch call 0333 358 3573, 07716 077964, or email 

Hours dedicated by the Halton BID Team to the BID estates in 2022.