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Excel Level 2 – Efficiency and Effectiveness – 1 Day

August 12 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

This course develops your essential Excel skills and takes you into areas where you can really save time and make a significant difference to the way you work. Understand how Excel works behind the scenes Recommended for Anyone with some experience of Excel who is now finding they need to expand their skills and knowledge. In particular it will be useful for people who regularly create similar workbooks e.g. on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and those who need to analyse the data they hold.

What do you need to know already? 

We will assume that you already have some experience of using Excel and are familiar with the following tasks:

• Entering, editing and formatting data in a simple Excel spreadsheet and then printing it

• Using autofill to enter data efficiently

• Using arithmetic formulas and simple functions to analyse numerical data


At the end of the training you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand and use absolute cell references appropriately
  • Create summary worksheets using data from other sheets in the book
  • Create links between workbooks
  • Create and format charts to produce exciting and professional graphs
  • Use IF functions to produce logical results
  • Conditionally format cells to highlight significant data
  • Build and manage lists
  • Use VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions using the documentation and support provided.

Modules covered in this course

Formula Addresses – In this module we will examine all the different ways in which you can reference cells in formulae and functions, making your spreadsheet easier to use.

  • 3-Dimensional Processing – By using data from other sheets and workbooks, you can rapidly create summaries and design solutions that eliminate the chances of mistakes. In this module you’ll learn how to design and format 3-dimensionally and to create formulas that reference and summarise data across the range.
  • Charting – Understand and use the range of features in charts to present your data in an exciting fashion.
  • Conditional Processing – Have you ever needed to see at a glance where there are problems with your figures? Learn how to organise your spreadsheets to automatically process your information and present it in different ways depending on the context.
  • Lookup Tables – Lookup tables will allow you to enter information in one sheet which other sheets will look at. This will not only help with speedy entry, it will make your data more accurate too.
  • Lists – Understanding how to use them correctly will not only save you time but ensure that you maintain data integrity. This is essential so you can make sure your staff and customers are always seeing accurate information.

We recommend that you bring real-life examples and problems from work with you so that you can go back to work after training having made real progress.

Please bring your own laptop with you, and ensure that you have appropriate Microsoft software installed. Thank you

To book your place please email samuel.marsh@haltonchamber.co.uk or BID@haltonchamber.co.uk If you would like to book over the phone please call us on 0333 358 3573. Thank you.


August 12
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
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Helen Hessey
0333 358 3573


Widnes Masonic Hall
Widnes, Cheshire WA8 7QH United Kingdom
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