In light of recent events, we have been busy developing and implementing a number of contingency plans to ensure that our Export Documentation Service continues uninterrupted. 

To date the office has been open whilst we made preparations for staff to be able to work remotely. To this end, we have moved our client base across to/provided you access to our EZCert Online Service.   All staff now have the ability to work from home and process EZCert documentation so from Monday 23rd March, all staff will be encouraged to no longer come into the office and to work from home.

As we are not allowed to remove our Certification Stamps from the office, I am looking to limit risk, whilst at the same time protecting continuity of service.  To this end, our plan moving forwards is to curtail office based activity to two half days a week, therefore only on Tuesday and Thursday mornings we will be able to process EUR1s, ATRs and any Standards (received before 12 noon) that require a wet stamp. 

All Expresses received through the EZ Cert System will be processed as normal, on the same day, so long as they are with us by 3.30 pm.

In Summary

  • Express/EZ Cert Service – Processed daily (Mon-Fri) between 8.30 am and 3.30pm providing same day response/turnaround.
  • Documents requiring a wet stamp – Standards/ATRs and EUR1s – Processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays only before 12 noon.
  • Telephone help and email advice available during office hours 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday using and Tel: 0333 358 3480

Rest assured, we have also developed contingency plans for sickness and have a number of people who we can contact should our current team become sick or are not available to work.  We have also been informed that our office will remain open and manned for the foreseeable future, complete with a full postal service on the proviso that clients are no longer able to visit (although documents can be left/collected from reception if necessary). 

I very much hope that these arrangements will work for all of us, given the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. If you have any concerns or are at all worried about these arrangements please give me a ring on 07917 171750 or email and I will see what we can do to better accommodate your needs. We are looking to ensure that any disruption is kept to the absolute minimum throughout and therefore the more information we have from you to help us to make informed decisions, the better.

We look forward to resuming normal service very soon and thank you for your ongoing support and patience.