Fly Tipping Removal & Targeted Litter Picks

Maintaining the image of both Astmoor and Halebank BIDs is a key priority and one which has great impact on businesses in the area. Having a clean estate that you can be proud of is our aim and we strive to achieve this aim through our targeted litter picks and fly tipping removal response. 

Fly Tipping Removal

When fly tipping is reported or noticed during our weekly inspections of the estates we will work to clean up the estate.

If fly tipping has occurred on Council Land we will alert the Council to have it addressed as soon as possible.

When fly tipping occurs on private property the BID team will work to have it removed. Please report any fly tipping on the estate to us.

Targeted Litter Picks

Halton Borough Council cleans the public roads and Council Land every 2 weeks – we help to notify when specific areas need a little extra TLC.  

Above and beyond this, we will employ targeted litter picks to tackle rubbish and litter on the estates. The BID manager makes a weekly inspection of each estate and when needed the BID team will work to remove this litter to improve the image of our estate.