BID Business GRS would like to donate four free DeconScan units to Halton businesses, worth £6000 each.

The DeconScan™ integrates non-contact temperature reading, facial recognition, infrared hand-washing and subsequent full body disinfection into one compact unit. All components are pre-installed for quick and easy use. The system has a throughput of 20 people per minute.

The unit can be easily installed at the entrance to hospitals, sports venues, corporate buildings, schools or transport hubs to identify abnormal temperature readings and thus ensure a safe and sterile environment inside the venue.

The system uses the latest face recognition technology for health monitoring and site security.

STEP 1: Face Recognition Thermometry

• Integrated infrared, non-contact temperature measurement module
• For personnel whose temperature exceeds a certain threshold, the terminal will give a warning and display their temperature in a non-contact, accurate, efficient and discreet way
• The temperature measurement range is 30-45℃ with an accuracy of ±0.3
• Uses the latest face detection technology and face recognition takes less than 0.25 seconds (minimum face detection is 40px * 40px; detection
speed is less than 100ms; tracking speed is 10ms; RGB live speed is 100ms; near infrared live speed is less than 50ms)
• Memory chip which can store a comparison library of 22,400 faces and 100,000 recognition records. Data can be downloaded and the chip re-used
• Uses Android 8.1 operating system
• Time adjustment facility for night light feature.

STEP 2: Hand Disinfection

• Wash-free, infra-red hand disinfection station
• High quality ABS casing
• Safety lock for protection
• Dual power option (DC or battery)
• 1000ml capacity for longer periods of use before re-fill is required

STEP 3: Full Body Disinfection

• Personnel enter the sealed booth where atomised antibacterial fog provides full cover disinfection
• An LCD screen can display the current ambient temperature and humidity, atomizer status, fog level, timing level, constant humidity status and water shortage warning.
• Volume/intensity of anti-bacterial fog can be adjusted
• Mist output of the atomiser is 1500ml / hour and the water tank is 15L
• An automatic visual and audio alarm will trigger when the water level supplying the atomiser is running low
• Safe hypochlorite solution with excellent efficacy against Avian influenza, Escherichia coli O-157, Salmonella, tuberculosis and the most difficult enterovirus 71

STEP 4: Pass Through

• The decontamination area is created by weighted PVC curtains which close behind the user
• Personnel are able to simply walk straight through the capsule whereupon the atomising process will take place. This ensures all personnel entering the building/venue will have gone safely through the disinfection process
• Data for each person will be logged for easy retrieval and analysis

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If you are interested in one of the free units please email before midday on the 9th April.