A Brief History of Halton BID

In 2008 Halton Borough Council proposed the creation of two Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Halton. One in Runcorn, with the Astmoor Industrial Estate, and another in Widnes, with the Halebank Industrial Estate.  BID1 focused upon three separate themes: Security, Image, and Co-ordinated and Supported Estate. These themes had been identified as key priorities by the Astmoor & Halebank business communities and they’ve remained at the heart of all subsequent BID activity since. Following the enormous success of the training courses implemented in 2011, a fourth theme was added in 2013 for BID2, Training, Skills and Knowledge.

After 2 successful BID terms, the two BIDs were passed to the control of Halton BID. Halton BID took over for BID3 and continued the provision of well received services from BID1 & BID2.  Additionally BID3 saw a number of changes with the development of this website, new logo/branding, a dedicated BID Maintenance/Caretaker, the introduction of initiatives such as ‘Skip Week’ and the distribution of face masks and hand sanitiser in response to the Pandemic. Publicly Accessible Defibrillators (PADs) were installed across the estate and the BID is now ‘Flying the Flag’ with banners on lamp posts to keep tenants and visitors aware of BID activity and benefits.

On Friday the 3rd of March 2023, Halton BID were delighted to announce that the ballot for the creation of a BID4 was successful across both the Halebank and Astmoor estates. A majority of Astmoor & Halebank businesses, which voted by number and by rateable value, said “YES” to Halton BID continuing for a further five-year term from 1st April 2023 until 31 March 2028.

Governance & Legalities

Halton Chamber Enterprises Ltd., trading as Halton BID, was established as a not-for-profit company to manage both Halebank and Astmoor Business Improvement Districts.  An Executive Board of volunteers has been established with equal representation from Astmoor and Halebank BIDs.  Additional support is provided by the BID business volunteers who were elected to the Astmoor Operating Group and Halebank Operating Group and the team at Halton Chamber of Commerce.   

Our company number is 10986509 and we were incorporated on 28th September 2017. Our registered office is 7th Floor Municipal Building, Kingsway, Widnes, United Kingdom, WA8 7QF.

Halton BID Executive Board 

Halton Chamber Enterprises Limited trading as Halton BID Executive Board consist of:

  • Ian Hayhoe – Senior Operations Manager – Telefonica UK Ltd. & Director of Halton Chamber of Commerce, Chair
  • Jill Naylor – Director of Kenay Ltd., Astmoor Operating Group Chair
  • Adrian Fillingham – J Brand Ltd., Astmoor Operating Group Vice-Chair (resigned).
  • David Halton – Managing Director of Acer Engineering Ltd., Halebank Operating Group Chair
  • Lee Brabin – Director of Sure Safe Electrics (Widnes) Ltd., Halebank Operating Group Vice-Chair 
  • Rachael Owen – CEO, Halton Chamber of Commerce

The responsibilities of the BID Board are to guide and direct the BID Manager in the delivery of the Business Improvement District, ensuring that the BID Manager is held accountable for expenditure of BID4 monies and approving eligible expenditure in line with the delegated powers.

Our Policy Documents

Halton BID Training Policy for BID4.

Halton BID’s training policy can be found above, this sets out our process and procedure to ensure all training is booked fairly and equitably between all BID Businesses and training providers. In addition this document sets out to ensure that our training meets the requirements of as many BID Businesses as possible.

Halton BID CCTV/ANPR Policy

Wherever Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera systems are operated, for the welfare and security of businesses, employees, customers and others a policy document must be in place that clearly demonstrates the purposes of the CCTV & ANPR. As Halton BID operates CCTV & ANPR across our BIDs this document is necessary.

Haltonbid.co.uk’s Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found here for any data relating to our website and yourself. Halton Chamber of Enterprises (“Halton BID”) honours the rights of its Members, Directors and customers, including website visitors’ right to privacy and data protection. Halton BID is fully committed to complying with the provisions of all applicable Data Protection legislation and regulations such as Data Protection Act and EU GDPR.