Green Space Maintenance

A key service in our Image Enhancement theme is green space maintenance. To maintain a clean and managed green space on the estates we offer:

  • Tree felling when required to prevent damage to buildings and possible injury to people,

  • Removal of overgrown, obstructive shrubs on unadopted land.

  • Help sourcing suppliers and co-ordinating image enhancing intiatives including discounted waste removal

  • The installation of planters and plants where possible.

  • Targeted grass cutting and weed removal on private, non-council land.

Green space maintenance is a theme that the BID manager is very vigilant of. The BID manager is vigilant of green space maintenance and when BID businesses alert to any issues i.e. tree felling then Halton BID will work to resolve these issues. Halton BID can not replicate the work of Halton Borough Council but can work with the council to solve green space issues on council land. To get in touch call 0333 358 3573 or email 


Of Halebank BID Businesses believe Image Enhancement is an essential priority