As one of our Halton BID themes is Better Connected, we’re always looking at ways to make BID Businesses feel more connected, with the BID and each other. This is more important than ever, in light of the current pandemic and a reduction in face to face engagements.

Did you know that Halton BID has a Twitter Account @BidHalton? We encourage BID Businesses to tag us into any tweets you would like us to like, retweet or simple feel that it would be useful for the BID to be aware of the information that you’re sharing within your tweet.

We will also continue to send out monthly BID Newsletters, as we have continued to receive good feedback about these. Again, we always welcome news and information from BID Businesses to be included within the Newsletter, so if you ever have any news you would like to share, please do let us know.

In addition to the above, we have now set up an unlisted group on LinkedIn for BID Businesses to communicate easier with each other and to be a platform for businesses to offer their experience, knowledge, services and connections to other businesses on both Halebank and Astmoor Industrial Estates. BID Businesses can post requests for support, exchange best practice and seek expertise from others on the estates. Alternatively, you might just want to share information such as offers, vacancies, new products etc which can only increase business community and encourage inter trading between BID Businesses.

If you would like to be added to this group or wish to give your feedback about this or any other ways for the BID to communicate, please contact, use the QR Code below to request to join the group or click on the BID Connect Login link above.