It’s that time of year when the nights are lighter and the weather warmer, resulting in more of us wishing to cycle to and from work.  Therefore, the BID has the following two new initiative to support the cyclists on the estates.

Bike Storage Lockers

Halton BID will contribute 45% towards the cost of either a 1700mm long bike Lockerpod costing £529, or should you require a larger Lockerpod the Lockerpod Extra 2100mm long is £589. Both models require 2 padlocks to secure each door.

Alternatively, you could have a 45% contribution towards the Lockerpod+ which is a larger, non-tapered offering and will take 3-4 large bikes costing £599. The Lockerpod+ is key operated and has 3 locking points.

All the above are a police preference specification, which offer a secure way to keep your bike safe from the elements and vandalism.


Bike Security Marking Kits

To support you cyclists, the BID is also offering free Bike Security Marking Kits, which contain a highly durable tamper resistant QR Code label.  The QR Code Label gives your bike a unique BikeRegister ID to enable you to register your bike, so that it’s traceable back to you should it be stolen or lost.

Click the link below to find out more about these kits:- How to mark your bike with a BikeRegister Membership Plus Kit – YouTube

If this is something you would be interested in, please email to request your kit.