As you are all aware, we’re constantly looking at ways we can further support BID businesses, in this ever-changing landscape, which is why we’re delighted to be able to arrange for hand gel sanitiser to be available to all BID Businesses, to assist in helping Businesses, their staff and visitors on both estates to remain safe under our Safe and Secure Theme.

Listening to our BID Businesses, we established that hand sanitiser was still extremely difficult to obtain, at a reasonable price anyway. Therefore, upon enquiries with Cheshire Fillers based on Astmoor Industrial Estate, who we knew could produce hand gel sanitiser, Neil Hawkins kindly agreed to supply the BID with Hand Gel at a heavily discounted price.

Neil and team had the hand gel sanitiser available for collection first thing the following day after we ordered it, the car was loaded with 10 boxes to be delivered by Joanne Taylor to those BID Businesses who wished to receive some.

Hand Sanitiser Delivery

Joanne Taylor BID Manager spent a day earlier this month, delivering hand gel sanitiser, safely ensuring that a 2 meter or more distance was kept at all times, to any businesses that wished to receive it.

The sun was shining, so it was a great opportunity and lovely for Joanne to catch up with many on the estates, at a safe distance, without having to enter the buildings/units.

As we’re aware that many BID businesses are still closed, those businesses who are currently closed are still entitled to their supply of hand gel sanitiser, once they’re ready to open again.

Joanne will be delivering more 125ml bottles of hand gel sanitiser on both Estate within the next couple of weeks. Therefore, if you haven’t yet received hand gel and would like some delivering, or you have already received some but require some more, please contact Joanne Taylor on her mobile 07871 390094 or via email

Obviously, the BID is limited to the amount of hand gel sanitiser it can supply per businesses and, therefore, those larger businesses that do require more than we can offer, can buy in bulk direct from Cheshire Fillers at a very reasonable price. Please contact

Other COVID 19 initiatives

​We’re also currently looking at other initiatives that we feel may support BID Businesses at this difficult time and liaising with other Industrial BIDs to share findings and ideas. However, if you have any suggestions of how you feel the BID can support, we would love to hear from you.  We have also received confirmation from other BID Businesses that they can provide hand gel, masks, COVID 19 packs and detergent sprays and information about all these products can be found under the News tab.