One of our BID businesses on Halebank is joining forces with The Whitechapel Centre.

The Whitechapel Centre believe that every individual should be given the opportunity to change their situation and achieve their potential.  They are open 365 days a year providing services to rough sleepers, people living in temporary accommodation and those at risk of becoming homeless. Last year they worked with over 4,000 people to end or prevent their homelessness.

Melo World based on Widnes Business Park currently have 2 donation boxes in their office until the end of October, beginning of November or you can drop your items off with Billy at the Gatehouse of Widnes Business Park. All non-perishable foods would be greatly appreciated i.e., cereal & UHT milk, bottled water & cordial, coffee, tea bags, sugar tinned meals, tinned tuna, ham, corned beef, vegetables and lots more.

Click Here to visit The Whitechapel’s website.