Free Access to Salt Storage Bins

Salt bin access is free to all BID businesses and can be a vital lifeline to your business when snow and frost covers the estate. If a bin is empty please notify Halton BID and we will be happy to get it restocked as soon as possible.

In the December of 2022, Salt Bins came into their own during the intense snowy conditions. By keeping the Salt Bins stocked and maintained businesses were able to secure their sites/roadways and prevent injuries taking place at work.  

In December 2022 we experienced a sever cold snap. Halton BID was happy to help businesses combat the icy roads and ensure that you can safely work on the estates. Salt bags are readily available to all businesses on the estates. Our BID Caretaker delivered numerous bags through out the week to businesses who were in need during the cold snap.

Businesses can access the salt bins to help combat the cold weather, if you are unsure were the salt bins are you can get in touch with us. If there are no salt bags left please get in touch and we can supply you with one.

We are always happy to help, and please drive carefully.