SelectaMark DNA Kits

We provide SelectaMark DNA Kits which are able to provide you with a true DNA property marking system which holds Secured By Design accreditation. These kits are allow for marking and identifying your property, and act as a unique theft deterrent which really works.

SelectaMark DNA kits are used in conjunction with the warning stickers provided to further deter thieves from causing issues at your business place.

To get your own kit please get in touch with us and will be happy to sort the provision to you.

It is virtually impossible to remove every trace of SELECTADNA and each trace links criminals to the crimes they commit.

The DNA code along with the customers details are held on our secure LPCB approved database thereby allowing recovered property to be traced back to its rightful owner after analysis – even a tiny molecule of glue can be used to determine who the item really belongs to. As a further means of identification, each pot of SelectaDNA contains at least 1000 microdots.

 Selectamark Security Systems PLC