Estate Wide HD CCTV and ANPR

Security is a major priority for Halton BID and the businesses of Astmoor and Halebank. The estate wide HD CCTV and ANPR systems help to ensure you and your business are secure by acting as a major deterrent to crime. In addition when a crime is committed on the estate these systems will help to identify these individuals and help to push for prosecutions. When appropriate Halton BID will work with Cheshire Police by providing retrospective footage to help with investigations.

Automatic number-plate recognition is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates to create vehicle location data. Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition is state of the art and works in conjunction with our numerous CCTV cameras to keep BID properties safe.

The system has inbuilt extra capacity for future expansion and also includes privacy zones for cameras close to residential areas.

Astmoor Industrial Estate

Currently 26 cameras are fully operational across Astmoor, with 11 of these cameras being number plate recognition cameras at each of Astmoor’s main entrance points. According to our survey in 2022, 89% of respondents stated they would like the ANPR/CCTV systems to be maintained with businesses also open to additional investment in these systems.


Halebank Industrial Estate

Currently 21 cameras are fully operational across Halebank, with 4 of these cameras being number plate recognition cameras at each of the entrance points at Foundry Lane, Pickerings Road, Mersey View Road, and Widnes Business Park. All but one of respondents to our online survey believed that CCTV/ANPR should be maintained across Halebank.